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from 2.6.2024

European Waterways Routable Map for Garmin Receivers

I will be grateful for any comments to improve the map and also for links to other Electronic Navigational Charts or their updates.
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Installation for PC

For the meaningful use you have to have a mapping program (Mapsource, Homeport, nRoute - see na gpsinformation) on your computer. As for Basecamp read please FAQ


There are two possibility of the installation. First - download the file, unpack it in any place on your disc and run the installation program waterways.exe. Second - download the file, unpack it and copy the directory Waterways.gmap into directory C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps. If you use the second possibility, you won't see Waterways in nRoute!


Download and unpack the file Then download and install MapInstall and MapManager for the Mac. After installing MapManager find the location of the directory Waterways.gmap and double click on it to install.

Installation into a Garmin receiver

For using in GPS receiver Garmin download file gmapsupp.img, create the folder Garmin in a SD card and copy the file gmapsupp.img into the folder. Then insert the SD card into the receiver.

For receivers (for example car navigations) or software, which don't support the marine types, it is better to use the file gmapsupp2.img, which is a "non-marine" version of Waterways (therefore it will be visible in the Basecamp software). There is less information than in "marine" version of course due the obsence of the specialized marine types.

Installation into a Navico receiver

When you are owner a Navico Multifunction Display (such as Lowrance HDS, Elite 5, SIMRAD NSE, NSS and B&G Zeus - see at Lowrance page in the left menu), download the file After downloading unpack the file waterways.at5 and copy it on SD card your receiver. Although AT5 vector files can be placed anywhere on an SD card you may use: SD:\Navico\Vector\. You can use the file waterways.at5 for an offline planning your voyage in software Insight Planner too.


If you don't have any specialized hardware or software Garmin, you can use an application, which can read the maps in format Garmin. An example is Oruxmaps for Android. The univesal possibility is the using of GoogleEarth, for which you can download "kmz" files on KML page in the left menu.